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Add a feature into Adept that would enable a user to lock a specific package on a specific version, or simply prevent prevent package upgrades and quiet the adept_notifier


Sometimes updating certain packages can cause problems for a user, and consciously choosing not to upgrade would be a desirable feature for the user. Using such a feature, adept_notifier would only notify users on updates that they have not yet been made aware of if they have chosen not to upgrade those particular packages.

Use cases

Mary Poppins has compiled a special version of Amarok that includes a plugin for her normally unsupported multimedia device, and she gets irritated when adept_notifier keeps informing her of upgrades when she knows she's not interested.

Mr. Ed is of the sound belief that upgrading device drivers when working ones are in place is risky. He has reviewed the changes in the new version of his audio driver and has decided that the benefit is not worth upgrading for, and that he would prefer to remain at his current version. He is concerned, however, because his son believes that upgrading with reckless abandon is always the best course of action.


Change to adept_notifier to recognize a locked state on a package

Change go adept_manager/adept_updater (common code) to provide a user the interface to enable and disable such a lock status.


Adept manager and updater should provide the user with a right-click context menu option to lock the current version of a package.

Adept manager and updater should have a status to inform the user when a package has been locked.

Adept notifier should not show the icon when a locked package has an update available.


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