This specification describes the needed sections and implementation into the current Kubuntu Topic Based Help documentation.


As Kubuntu matures so does the documentation. At this point in time, the system documentation (installed with the release) lacks the necessary information for ATI and NVidia binary drivers, dial-up modems, wireless networking hardware, as well as other configurations. This documentation should answer the more popular questions, or better yet instruct the user how to fix or work with the most common topics.

These new additions will allow the user to get the answer to their questions locally without the need of an Internet connection. Also these additions will allow us to document properly what has been documented on many websites in various ways. There are more than 10 major sites that document ATI and NVidia, yet none of them are very clear for someone who is not used to the command line, nor do these sites document one solution for the various hardware releases clearly. Our goal is to bring the best solution for each environment locally and in one easy to access location.

Another addition would be to add an index.html file or index rather in the main /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/$lang/kubuntu/ directory. This would make accessing the topic based help as easy as using Konqueror and typing in help:/kubuntu.

Use Cases


This specification covers feature specifications for the kubuntu-docs package for the 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) release.


Implementation Plan

Implementation should start as soon as next week (first week of May 2007) in order to get a solid foundation internally to work with. A new pre-release of Kubuntu during the Gutsy development cycle will contain a new kubuntu-docs package every time. This will allow improved bug reporting from day one, and ease the translation time towards the end of the development cycle. Other changes besides those summarized in this specification will also be implemented. This will be done to close any bugs that may arise.


Implementation of this specification should be seemless since the foundation has already been created with the 7.04 release.

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

BoF is not necessary unless other members from the Documentation Project are available. If there is a remote communication link like previous developer summits, I (RichardJohnson) will be open to discuss further, or via IRC.


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