What we should change in kubuntu-default-settings for edgy


The kubuntu-default-settings package includes Kubuntu branding but also changes a lot of the default KDE setup, we should review what was good in dapper and look for improvements to be made in edgy.

Use cases


'Most often visited' menu element Usability Issue

When the user clicks on the view menu in Konqueror and wants to select any element, he has to move his mouse over the first element that is the "Most often visited" get expanded covering the whole width of the screen (cause some webpages have huge ugly titles,URLs) and hides the rest of the view menu.

Recommended Solutions

Move the "Most often visited" menu element from it's current position at the View menu.

or set a limit to the width of the menu elements of the "Most often visited" menu.





Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

kioslaves vs ark konqueror profile


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