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Make Bluetooth well integrated Kubuntu.


Kdebluetooth lacks good integration with the desktop. We should improve this to make using bluetooth easier with Kubuntu

Use Cases

Paul wants browse bluetooth devices to connect to his bluetooth enabled phone.

Joe wants to connect to his new bluetooth mouse.


Change kdebluetooth package to make it easy to browse the bluetooth devices.


There is no entry to browse the bluetooth:/ entry using konqueror, that should be added. The kmenu entries for bluetooth can be removed as these functions are available while browsing bluetooth:/

There is no easy way to currently connect an hid device. All infos (mac address, device type...) are available browsing bluetooth:/ so we have to write a script that connects the device using the normal command line tools and make it available though a Konqueror right click service menu.

Bluez is expected to change with the next upload. Package the dbus enabled branch of kdebluetooth and ensure it works correctly with bluez.

Most of this will be done in the next coming kdebluetooth version, mostly rewritten, and using dbus. Gutsy will be released with this new version.


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