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Ship Kubuntu with a virtual keyboard application.


Kubuntu needs to focus on accessibility and usability. A virtual keyboard is essential part of that plan.

Use Cases

Joe has a handicap or disease and want to use the computer. He might need a virtual keyboard.

Steve's keyboard just died, he can use a virtual keyboard as temporary replacement.

Jonathan Riddell's keyboard doesn't work properly with Feisty, he can use a virtual keyboard waiting for a fix

Matthias forgot which key he needs to press for the special character in his daughter's name. He uses the virtual keyboard to find it.


Kvkbd package in main.

kubuntu-default-settings package and usability profile settings.


Package kvkbd, get it reviewed and into main, so that we can ship with it. We also needed to contact upstream for a few improvements and suggestions: being able to resize the window, being able to define macros, have layers for numpad and a possible one button based key selection.

We are also concerned about suggesting another name for the app, as the current one is not trivial to remember and pronounce.

Tweak kubuntu-default-settings to add kvkbd integrated to the accessibility profile for low minor-motor-difficulties.


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