Make sure all of KDE's accessibility tools are available in main (as long as they work) and create an accessibility live CD profile.


We want everyone to be able to use Kubuntu; for people with disabilities this is not possible without accessibility tools currently only in Universe.

Use cases

There is a large range of use cases representing users with different disabilities (visual, physical, auditory) using computers for different purposes (general school/office work, design/composition or development/sysadmin). See more details UserGroups.


Test the existing KDE accessibility tools for main inclusion and seed them on the Live CD. Also consider non-KDE apps like SOK.


We should follow the same set of options as on the Ubuntu CD, but use KDE tools to meet these needs where appropriate. Technologies to be used are:

These options should be selectable from the Live CD boot menu as with the Ubuntu version.


Edit casper to load profiles equivalent to that done on the Ubuntu. The profiles will mirror those used in Ubuntu.


Put configuration files for profiles into kubuntu-default-settings in separate directories from the normal default-settings. Casper will then edit /etc/kderc to add the appropriate profile directories to prefixes=.

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