Kubuntu should integrate a VOIP solution out of the box, possibly providing video support, with interoperability with Windows/OSX.


Several QT/KDE solution exist, but some of them is currently included in Kubuntu. Ubuntu as Ekiga and we need to ship the best equivalent. Softwares existing:

Use Case

  1. Paul's ISP offers an SIP service, and he wants to use it with Kubuntu.
  2. Kate has contacts using windows or OSX, and wants to audio/video chat with them.


Kubuntu should focus on using the best software, with the best kde integration, and interoperable features.

There is no perfect solution at time.

The most complete solution was QuteCom but the difficulties to work with upstream make it hardly choosable as the default provided solution.

Kcall is interesting and based on Decibel/Tapioca which is still a bit young to be implemented as the default VOIP solution (same issue than with telepathy).

Kiax client is nice but using a completely different backend too (based on Asterisk) and creates the same issue than the previous described products.

We need to find a solution in the meantime waiting for telepathy to become a mature product (ubuntu targets this) and the best is probably to concentrate on a pure SIP client, which is a real standard widely used. -> Now telepathy is a mature product (we can do audio calls with empathy!!, a gnome/telepathy client).

The future will probably be with kopete whom is targeted to act as a telepathy frontend -> Other solution was improving KCall who uses decibel/telepathy for not reinvent the wheel

We'll have to test all QT/Kde SIP clients (twinkle, kphone...) during the jaunty dev cycle, and then choose the appropriate one, depending on the SIP implementation quality and good usability.


Package KCall. Maybe is the best solution: it integrates well with KDE desktop and is based in decibel/telepathy.

Package QuteCom: .PPA is avaliable here:

BoF agenda and discussion


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