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We should consider realigning the Kubuntu schedule to KDE 4's six monthly cycle. How would be manage release management, upgrade process, package archives and commercial support?


In light of our release schedule plans, what changes should be made to KDE packages in what timescale. Should KDE 3 packages be moved to universe? Should they be removed entirely? Should KDE 4 be moved to /usr?


What other applications do we have which need ported to KDE 4.


The annual cycle for kubuntu-council is up again, which members should retire and who should we consider for new members? How can we increase the Kubuntu developer community and get more people into MOTU?


Improve the filesharing experience in Kubuntu. Related to easy-file-sharing but ensuring changes are integrated with KDE and can go upstream.


What needs done to get the new website launched?


Review defaults for KDE4. E.g., are we using Oxygen or Ozone as the default theme?

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