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We need a KMenu item that a user can click to get a list of one-click fixes that will solve common problems that normally require command-line interaction.

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It is mandatory.


Example situation: Adept crashes and leaves the dpkg database locked. The user could solve the problem with dpkg -configure -a, but they are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the command-line. We need a way for these users to solve problems on their computers without having to deal with the command-line.

Use Cases

Daisy Duke uses adept regularly to manage her packages, but one time it crashed. She would like to be able to click somewhere to fix this problem instead of hitting the command-line.

Gilligan has a wired network at home, and one day it just stops working. He goes to #kubuntu and they tell him to just type sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0 in order to reset his network adapter. He is very uncomfortable using the command-line, so someone instead suggests he clicks "One-Click Fixes" in his K Menu and clicks the "Reset Network Devices" icon in the konqueror window that shows up.



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Couldn't we just use a read-only directory of .desktop entries in konqueror for this? These .desktop entries could run just simple shell scripts or Perl or Python scripts to solve these common problem.

UI Changes

I think Konqueror could solve this problem nicely.

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