This specification is a braindump that could potential help the newest of users to not only Kubuntu but also Linux. This could also be implemented and used further with KubuntuMarketing. This implementation would allow a first time user to install Kubuntu in a manner that would make their learning curve that much smaller. There would be multiple installation options for the new user. This could be used to help a new user switch from Windows or from Mac and allow them to figure out the basics quickly. There are specifications similar to this, and some have even referred to Kubuntu. However, after researching them, they were Ubuntu specific and even the mock-ups were Ubuntu specific.


This specification can also tie-in with the Kubuntu/NonComSupportSpec also, as well as be used as a tool for KubuntuMarketing. This will help a new user to either computers, Linux, or Kubuntu, or even help the user who has decided to ditch Windows because they are no longer supporting his/her cracked versions. This could help show that person that Free Software doesn't have to be stolen, cracked, or leeched. This will help that new person with the installation process by utilizing what is known as layman terms (words that everyone can understand), or even images if they could help out in certian situations. How does this new user know what a 104-key keyboard looks like? Once the user has Kubuntu installed now a wizard like program could show them around, demo the desktop and applications, or link them to demos. There could be a small script that could be initiated so they can learn what the Linux versions of their favorite software from Microsoft of Mac is.

Use Cases

Is this your first time installing and using Kubuntu or Linux?

Yes | No

If yes is selected then there could be follow-up questions as if they plan on using it as a desktop, web programming, development

What do you plan on using this installation for?

Desktop | Design | Develop

Depending on what they select, other packages would be installed by default, easing their use of Kubuntu


I am not a fan of wizards, but I know a lot of new users who are since it simplifies a lot of things for them. I had an old NEC computer in 1993/1994 that had "Merlin" a wizard who would show you everything about the computer. I mean everything. You could click him and ask him anything, and he would answer. How about Konqi? Have the dragon as the wizard and utilize it for questions, support, and possibly tie it into Kubuntu/NonComSupportSpec.


This could be implemented, only if selected during the initial installation. This way here it isn't installed for every person who does a Kubuntu install, only those who select the "New User" install. It would be a desktop/KDE implementation.


This would be up to the code team. I am not a coder, and would appreciate any coding comments from the community below.

Data preservation and migration

Data preservation wouldn't be an issue, and migration shouldn't be either since it would be a new implementation for Edgy Eft possibly.

NOTES Please place any notes, comments, or suggestions in this area. Please apply a @SIG@ to any reply, as that would be greatly appreciated.