The purpose of this spec is to go over the current stable process (including the SRU policy) to see how we are doing and to see which parts can be improved or documented better.

Release Note

The impact on users would be to have a place which well documents what changes can be made to stable releases, how to ask for inclusion and why decision will be made the way they are done. This is less likely to go into the general release notes but should be linked from a prominent place on the kernel wiki page.


The stable update process for released kernels has been very non-deterministic, and critical security updates during proposed kernel testing periods have occurred repeatedly, pushing back releases and resulting in released with a very high number of changes. There has been difficulty in getting verification testing completed for bugs, becuase we lack the needed hardware, and because the bug reporters have not tested the proposed kernels in a timely manner.



The stable kernel team will change to a regular two-week release cadence. The cycle is two weeks long, and repeats every two weeks, with the exception of holidays, UDS weeks, and other considerations. An attempt will be made to sync the schedule with the needs of the Ubuntu platform schedule and Linaro release schedule.

Non-CVE Patches

CVE Patches



Action Items

Unresolved issues

Actual start date for the new cycles (depends on examination of schedule and resources)

Do we have the capacity to test the required number of kernels?

BoF agenda and discussion


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