Review and discussion of likely affects on the kernel packages, patches and configurations from changes proposed in upstart and other plumbing.

Release Note



Some changes required by upcoming plumbing changes need to be done in concert with the Kernel. Interlock to ensure that the kernel and plumbing move in lock step.

BoF agenda and discussion

=== What does upstart/boot need from the kernel for Maverick ===
* ureadahead patches needed
* proc connector to replace ptrace
* uevent/sysfs
 - ACTION: uevent/sysfs -- turn off things which are marked DEPRECATED
* devtmpfs remain on
* udevd
 - migrate from it, but it will not go away
* quiet and nomodeset pass though to init
 - can we get that through to usespace
 - likely add option to pass all options to userspace   
 - ACTION: look at passing kernel commandline options all options to userspace [apw]
* would love /proc /sys mounted automatically
 - ACTION: investigate whether upstream would accept mounting /proc and /sys automatically [apw]
* tracers for upstart system calls
* drivers in kernel/modules in kernel
 - modalias driver should not be built-in
 - exceptions:
   - very very common drivers
   - usbhost interface drivers have huge ordering requirements
   - cpufreq are built in specifically cause its hard to do in userspace
   - non-discoverable drivers like union
 - ACTION: add modules built-in description to the config review documentation [ogasawara]
* union-mounts
 - looks like it has good stuff for mass testing
 - looks to be posix compliant
 - needs tools as well
 - ACTION: get union-mount into PPA with tools (apw)

=== What does the kernel require from upstart ===
* compatibility with lucid and maverick


The kernel is pretty close to being good for the predicted requirements from Plumbing, and Foundations are now aware of the version skew we are expecting under the LTS backports. The following actions were made:


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