During UDS-L in Dallas we took 2 hours to do a retrospective of how Eucalyptus packaging went during the 9.10 cycle. The moderator(s) recommended several actions to improve the process going forward, this specification tracks those recommendations to make sure they are implemented during the Lucid development cycle.

Release Note

Not applicable, this is a process improvement project which does not directly impact any product


During the karmic development cycle, several issues led to a very difficult situation on the Eucalyptus packaging project. This led to a retrospective analysis between the Eucalyptus and Ubuntu Server team during the UDS-L in Dallas, which in turn resulted in several recommendations from the session moderator. This spec ensures that those recommendations are taken into account for the Lucid development cycle, by tracking the implementation of all those actions.

User stories

As an Ubuntu Server team member (or Eucalyptus upstream member), I want to undertake specific actions to make sure future cycles will go smoothly. I implement those recommendations, and it results in a smoother development cycle for Lucid.

As an Ubuntu platform manager, I want to make sure that we learn from our past difficulties with 9.10 and that everything is done to prevent such issues in the future. I asked for a retrospective and recommendations, we implement them, and I feel confident that we'll not repeat the past mistakes.


The Eucalyptus and Ubuntu engineering teams should be willing to accept the recommendations from this Retrospective analysis and adapt their internal workflow accordingly.


What went well

What went wrong



Policy changes (not work items):

Work items: see blueprint whiteboard.


Test/Demo Plan

Compliance with recommendations will be evaluated monthly.

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

UDS discussion agenda

We'd like to do a look at how the Eucalyptus packaging and collaboration worked in the Karmic cycle with an eye to highlighting what worked and observing what didn't so we can adapt and further improve in the Lucid cycle. To do that, we should take a look at:

If you were a part of the Karmic UEC and Eucalyptus work, we'd like to hear from you!


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