This is an experimental spec to create a minimalistic Ubuntu proper.


A lot of extra cruft goes into Ubuntu proper, including vim, tcpdump, telnet, and ed. Most users won't use these; and any scripts or programs requiring them should depend on them.

Use cases

All uses of Ubuntu will benefit from a smaller install base.


The scope of this spec excludes the following:


The following packages are proposed removed from the seed and relegated to ubuntu-powerusers:

Total: 39.9M

Partials that need splitting:

Total: ~1.5M

And uncertainties:

Total: 5.2M

Things we omitted and want to justify keeping:

As well, python should have been relegated to a meta-package like ubuntu-developer-python. It seems it's been removed from ubuntu-desktop but not relegated to a new package. Some packages still around include:

Together our certain packages and diveintopython total 44.2M. This should all be packaged on the CD, but omitted from the install base.



Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Sub-pages :


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