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Unresolved issues

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BoF agenda and discussion

need console frontend to usb-creator
command line option to specify a directory to write to, where will it write the MBR to?  Don't.
documentation issue, write syslinux mbr using dd
package adding functionality is a requirement of the bacula discussion
adding to alternate CDs?  stick them in the pool directory?
an option to go the other way, given the directory, write it to a usb disk
chrooted directory launching command?  ctrl-d.  Would need to update the md5sum of the squashfs.  late_command like option to run a script in the chroot.
Kern Sibbald (Bacula)

From UDS session

Package selection (gnome-app-install)
Windows frontend using pygtk or ctypes wrapper (from wubi)
kde frontend
Any issues with the UI?
- move to gvfs for non-deprecated icon/name lookup
full localization
support for SD cards
install into a folder?
command line options and text frontend
always show format button
slight reworking of HAL code (watch for property modifications before scanning for new devices)
upload to debian
fix update-initramfs issue
make sure that everything that gets saved to casper-rw is something we care about (ex. not /tmp)
make sure that we're syncing the disk after writing, updating the kernel's view of the partition table after writing it, etc
accurate free space calculation
fix wubi to work from usb disks
download button to grab the latest release (and md5sum)?
check md5sum if .md5sum file is in the same directory.

PPA sources via gnome-app-install (able to do locally to usb-creator? or system wide)
talk to soren about collaboration
terminal for editing the underlying filesystem
save the selections you make in the usb-creator (package selection specifically) and you can share the resulting file with your friends
bug in g-a-i whereby PPA packages are not shown, talk to mvo, google repository
CDs as well as USB disks as targets


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