Gather and confirm ideas on additions and updates for the Server Guide during the Ubuntu 9.04 release cycle.

Release Note

The ubuntu-serverguide package will include more information. Updated and Additional sections:

(Will need to be updated depending on which sections make it in before SF).

It is mandatory.


A significant amount of problems with any computer system can be solved with good documentation. To that end having relevant and up to date documentation for the Ubuntu Server Edition is a worthwhile venture.

Use Cases

Documentation shipped with Ubuntu Server Edition in the ubuntu-serverguide package. Also, the content is available on the web site.


Server admins are reading the Server Guide.


Currently the Ubuntu Server Guide is drafted in DocBook XML files. There are also corresponding pages in the Community Wiki related to topics in the guide.


Confirm or add to the proposed list of ideas gathered on the ServerTeam/IdeaPool page. Then document the confirmed subjects in DocBook format. Also, updating any relevant pages in the community wiki.




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