Searching should be a natural part of the desktop. No matter what you are looking for, a search option should be readily available.


In many applications (e.g. nautilus, deskbar-applet, ...) there is already some support for searching, but these systems are rather slow and they use the old locate and find tools.

Currently there are two main sollutions available: beagle and Tracker. Both are already integrated in a number of applications, it would be good to enable them to use one of those as backend and integrated them in some more applications.

While beagle seems to see more acceptance right now, there are some pro and cons, that seem to sugest Tracker is the better choice:

(This rationale isn't written from an objective point-of-view, see comments below)

Use cases


Generally this should be fairly easy to implement, as it is just a matter of packaging Tracker and recompiling some packages to use Tracker.

If time permits it may also be possible to integrate Tracker in some more applications (especially those who integrate beagle already). Possible points of integration:

A great implementation point would be Evolution, currently, Evolution uses its own mail search system, which is fine when restricted to specific metadata (like From: or Subject: ) but when trying to search message bodies, Evolution can be very slow, especially when dealing with large folders. A better solution might be to query Beagle or Tracker for this information if either is present, Evolution's E-Plugin system should make this a feasible task.



basically the most biggest Part has already been done. Nautilus already lets you choose tracker at compile time and there are already according packages avaible: These only need to be included in main.

For further integration in nautilus like the tagging support, the nautilus-python package has to move in main and the following plugin has to be installed by nautilus (goes in ~/.nautilus/python-extensions/):*checkout*/tracker/python/nautilus/


The code for GtkFileChooser integration has been attached to this bug

Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion



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