ubiquity will grow the ability to download updates while it copies files to the installation target.

Release Note

Updates will now be downloaded while you install Ubuntu, making them immediately available to install upon first login. This will not occur on 3G connections, and users wishing to avoid this feature can disable it when the installation begins.


There may be a number of important updates available after installation. However, these could amount to a rather large download, and since we're mostly IO bound during the installation it would make sense to try to start this download then, letting the user finish downloading or start installing the updates once they've rebooted into the new system.

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If the "download updates" box is checked, ubiquity will wait 20 seconds or until copying begins, whichever is longer, and then tell apt to update the package index files, then start downloading any available updates. If the box is unchecked at any point, ubiquity will stop apt.

|  Installing system                    |
|  [///////         15%              ]  |
|  Detecting file systems...            |
|                                       |
|  [X] Download available updates now   |
|      from      |


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