Inclusion of Documentation WIP in milestone releases - have the documentation team map out internal milestones that coincide with distro milestones, instead of doing much of the integration work a few weeks before release.


The Breezy release was chaotic, and things didn't get written until late in the release cycle. The ubuntu-doc package didn't get included until right at the end, which left us with less public review than we should have had.

Use cases


The outcome of this spec affects different groups in the Ubuntu development. The doc team heavily relies on this schedule and the Ubuntu developers will have to respect the various Freeze dates that are decided on.


The most important instruments for this specification are:


Every Wednesday and Saturday, somebody from the Distro team (Daniel Holbach agreed to do this for now) will build and upload a new package. This will include both Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu docs. Building on a fixed schedule will make certain that whatever happens during development, point releases contain a package no more than 3 days old.

The responsibility table will represent:

The DocteamProjects will be decided on in a doc team meeting. Doc team members should coordinate with developers over specific items/features during writing.

Daniel Holbach will take care of the packaging and get changes in, so that the docs make it into the ISOs. Making people know about the docs during development is part of DocumentationMarketing - this makes sure that:

As the dates of Milestone CDs are not determined yet, it was decided that in the timeframe of the last two milestone CDs (the last one will be RC), the documentation will incrementally

  1. stabilize
  2. don't change screenshots anymore
  3. don't change strings
  4. do the translations


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