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This spec contains proposals to improve users' understandings of the separate websites which exist under the domain.


There are currently at least three websites under the domain, the differences of which are unclear and confusing for those visiting and using them, in particular for people who have not yet acquired a detailed knowledge of the web based tools used by the Ubuntu community. The main websites involved are:

When visiting each of these websites, it is frequently not clear that they have a separate function. One of the frequent consequences of this is that users add documentation to, without being aware that there is a dedicated documentation website.

The main reasons that these websites are confusing are:

Use cases

Add here examples of the confusion in action

These related specifications and bug reports also aim at improving the user experience on one or more of these websites.


  1. Rename - we will come up with a descriptive url, such as:

    • - short and snappy, but does not reflect non-development activities which go on at the site.
    • - not too long, not too short, just right and descriptive.
    • - perfect in terms of description, but too long to type.
    • - again, descriptive but long
    • - easy to type, but doesn't really mean anything (note: this idea is copied from

  2. Tabs - ensure that the following tabs exist at the top of each of the websites:

    • Ubuntu - linked to
    • Contribute/Community - linked to
    • Documentation - linked to
      • or perhaps "Help & Support", since either source of assistance might solve your problem, and "support" is a commonly-used word on similar sites

  3. Logos - The word "Community" should be added under the logo on the development wiki to clarify the function of the site.

  4. Redirects - Implement a more graceful way of showing the user that a document they are looking for is housed on the documentation wiki rather than the community wiki. This could be done by using a modified MoinMoin 404 page which provides a link to the documentation wiki, or even the new address for the document.

  5. Directory - provide a directory of all established Teams with their badges, a brief description and links to team leaders. Make available both as a grouped list (grouped by function) and also provide a alphabetical listing. A brief description of how to join a team and a pointer to launchpad would also be helpful.


Initial Mock Up

Unresolved issues

In relation to renaming - the one advantage of using the word "wiki" in the url is that it makes it clear to those people who (a) know what a wiki is, and (b) read urls. We need to find a way to make it obvious to people visiting both and that both websites are open to all to edit.

Comments and discussion

* I agree with being the right thing to do. It differentiates from the other 2 sites, as well as

* Although another thing though, couldn't there be also some slight theme to differentiate between the three sites (or 1 main & 2 subs in it.)

* By theme I mean the background color of the page so the user can also distinguish visually as well.ShirishAgarwal


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