I am going to be using a gParted Live CD for copying over everything with dd. First please determine your source and your target partiton. E.g., your internal hard drive is /dev/hda and the first partition would then be /dev/hda1. Determining source and target should not be too difficult. In the gParted Live CD the partitions are labeled with their names, you can use that to help you too. The source and the target will from now on be referenced as /dev/yoursource and /dev/yourtarget You can download the Live CD at

Copying the partiton

dd if=/dev/yoursource of=/dev/yourtarget bs=1k

sudo mkdir /media/clone
sudo mount /dev/yourtarget /media/clone

This will mount your newly cloned partition at /media/clone

sudo gedit /media/clone/etc/fstab

Edit the line that says #/dev/yoursource to say #/dev/yourtarget

sudo gedit /media/clone/boot/grub/menu.lst

Edit it so (hd0,0) or something else points to your target hard drive. If you are not sure how to do that, just insert /dev/yourtarget instead of (hd[somenumber],[somenumber]). I did not try that myself, but it should work fine.

In case it did not work, you can just set your old partition active again with the gParted Live CD. Please note that I do not use GRUB, I use extlinux, so I would be glad if anyone could confirm that this really works with GRUB

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