In order to have ThunderBird read the contents of your /var/mail folder, you need to create a symbolic link to it.

this can be done graphically or via command line.

**** Command Line ****

Step 1.) Open a terminal

Step 2.) Navigate to the location you wish to have the folder displayed

Step 3.) Type ln -s /var/mail/[user-account]

Step 4.) Open or Restart ThunderBird.

**** Graphically ****

Step 1.) Open your prefered file browser (Natilus, Thunar, Konkorer, Rox-filer, etc)

Step 2.) Navigate to /var/mail/

Step 3.) Open a second instance of your prefered file browser (you may need to enable "Show hidden files" for your file browser

Step 4.) Navigate into the .mozilla-thunderbird folder of your home directory until you get to the sub-directory you want to hold your local mail

Step 5.) Use the "create symbolic link" method for your file browser (usually right-click, drag, create link) from the first instance to the second instance.

Step 6.) Open or Restart ThunderBird.


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