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Hardy Heron will be an LTS release again, and thus we should spend some extra efforts to get rid of duplication.

We identify lists of duplicated libraries (such as libdb4.[23456]) and outline the steps to eliminate them.

Release Note

Not appropriate here, we do not want to announce technical background details like library SONAMEs and duplication.


Duplicated libraries cause unnecessary maintenance and security support overhead and waste CD space. They are also prone to cause incompabilities between programs using different library versions.

Interesting targets

Targets of opportunity

These targets are worthwhile, but low-priority since they do not cause maintenance overhead after release, and thus we shouldn't waste a lot of effort on them:

Test/Demo Plan

Ideally this does not change any visible behaviour, so we just need to test that everything still works as before.

Outstanding Issues

We also need discussion results about applications which have a similar purpose (such as f-spot, gthumb, and eog) and thus both create unnecessary maintenance overhead and don't conform with our "ship one default application for one purpose" philosophy. Examples are


This command was used to find out potential candidates:

grep "^Package: " /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_gutsy_main_binary-*_Packages | awk '{print $2}' | grep -v '[^0-9]32[^0-9]' | sed -e "s/c2//; s/c102//; s/[-0-9.]//g" | sort | uniq -d | less


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