This spec defines a documentation aspect of the Ubuntu Hardened Team specified in HardenedUbuntu: The Ubuntu Hardened Documentation Team.


Security is a function of the developers' and the end users' understanding of the system. If the developers do not make a secure system, the end user is exposed to risks he can't fix; and if the end user does not know how to use the system, he will open up unnecessary security holes with bad configuration. It is therefor security-critical that good documentation exist for both the developers and the end user specifically relating to security.

Use cases

There are several.


End User:


The scope of the documentation includes the following:

Note that the scope is easily flexible and must change based on current technology, software, and Ubuntu policy.


The developer's documentation will contain information for Ubuntu Hardened developers for all teams.

The user's documentation will contain basic, need-to-know information as well as a description of all Ubuntu security features.

The user's documentation should come in two flavors, possibly in the same documentation set:


A LOT of documentation needs to be written.


Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

Doc team should probably have documentation too, for style and formatting.

BoF agenda and discussion


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