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Ubiquity should allow the user to choose which OS they would like to boot after they restart the computer once the installation is finished, as there is no easy way to set this up afterwards (see ).


Currently, the user is forced to have Ubuntu as the default boot option. Changing this to Windows requires altering config files, thus outruling the option of a beginner user having Ubuntu just to try out, and keep Windows as their main OS.

Use cases

Bob wants to keep using Windows after he installs Ubuntu, but Ubuntu won't let him! Rob wants to use Ubuntu as his main OS, but still wants to keep another OS on the machine. Now the other OS has disappeared? Gob has three OSes on his machine, and would like to install Ubuntu, and at the same time, switch the default OS to a different one than it is now.


One more set of radio buttons in the installation procedure.

Unresolved issues



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