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This spec discuss the creation of "Coon" an application to help teachers manage their students grade information. In a few words, a Gradebook in Edubuntu/Linux for teachers.


When looking threw the default Ubuntu repos' I noticed there is no application for teachers to keep track of students grades. I then searched and found Opengrade a fairly well built Perl based grade book software. But Opengrade lacked progression, organization, gtk, and my favorite language (Python). This gave me the idea to create a software for teachers that can organize the assignments, tests, exams, and other works that would be given to students.

Use cases



A PyGTK frontend will interact with the main parts of the program. These "Main Parts" are the peices the work with the database in various ways. Examples could be quaries of students with grade information.


Existing Solutions: Opengrade Well made, but not what we want for a unified desktop for grading. (ie... GTK Python and interopability with other Edubuntu parts.)


Code will be entirely Python Programming. Created using the Python Plugin for Eclipse.

Data preservation and migration

Data will be stored in the CVS of Bazaar. Code will also be backed-up (Backuped?) on a main server run by Jason Brower and will always have a personal copy of the software on his Programming Laptop.

Unresolved issues

Coon has neither been accepted or rejected as a Google Summer of Code Project.




BoF agenda and discussion


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