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This Spec is to discuss the creation of a simple gameshow program for students using ubuntu.


When I was in school there was a game called "You don't know Jack!" I loved the game and it was a wonderful blend of comedy, graphics, sounds, and education. I and my friends played it all the time. I thought it would be nice to implement a simple version of this that can be used with Ubuntu on a wide variety of subjects.

Use cases


Question list import gameshow can import the files with questions and answers easily so that they can be on a local list to choose from. The local list give the teachers an easy way to tell the students how to load the questions.

Sound/Video/Responses Gameshow will have the ability to play video's, show pictures, or even play responses to questions to further teach the student about the answer. This give the game a wonderful aspect to attract the student to the game and learn more.

Fun two play response system This gives gameshow some fun to have with your friends. This also give a competitive nature. Scoring can be in many ways.... normal points, or if your wrong you could lose points. These ideas are open for discussion...

Reward system Just as there are videos for questions videos for reward are important. This things gonna be fun!


Python and PyGtk will be used to create the system itself. Proper documentation is key and Dia will be used to show all Use Cases and UML diagrams. A document on the security will also be created. GStreamer should do most of what I need for the multimedia. Wiki-the-thang! Questions for the most part, I will gather from wiki. That way they have a way to "Prove" the information and learn more if they like. It can include wiki links too.


For a fun example check this link... take a few minutes to play and your going to see how fun this little thing could be. You will get the idea... just think of this but cleaner, more education, modifiable, and GTK. Woot... it should be cool.


Code will be entirely Python Programming. Created using the Python Plugin for Eclipse. Python python python! Creating this device to be easy to use for the grade and high-school student is extremely important.

Unresolved issues

"Game-show" has neither been accepted or rejected as a Google Summer of Code Project.

BoF agenda and discussion


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