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Gobuntu 8.04 will be released alongside Ubuntu 8.04. We will define the Gobuntu brand by creating an independent website for it and by creating additional artwork for the Gobuntu desktop. We will continue to work towards a free software distribution by removing additional software from Gobuntu. We will clearly define the Gobuntu mission and structure by sending a policy document to the Community Council for approval.

Release Note

Gobuntu 8.04 brings together the best free software with a distinctive look and vibrant community.


There exists a significant community of individuals wishing to run only free software. Ubuntu will continue to try to meet the needs of these individuals by furthering the development of Gobuntu.

Use Cases


Removing non-free software from Gobuntu




Test/Demo Plan

Gobuntu installs will be tested in the QA team's ISO testing tracker alongside Ubuntu and its other derivatives.

BoF agenda and discussion

Are there any principled reasons for using Launchpad in Gobuntu development apart from the practical one mentioned above?

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