gnome-mount is a relatively new addition to the Utopia stack. It provides users with a nice GUI to configure mount options, consistently handle encrypted devices, and so on. Thus it replaces the clumsy HAL fdi policies for mount options and can also replace the hideous pmount hacks in g-v-m and pmount with something that actually works smoothly.


gnome-mount and the hal mount backend are used by upstream by default now, they did not accept our pmount-centric solution. Thus Gnome has no support for mount policies and only little support for encrypted devices in Dapper.

Use cases


The changes in this specification affect the handling of removable devices in Xubuntu to use the same solution as in Ubuntu under Gnome.




The only Gnome-specific part in gnome-mount which is not appropriate for XFCE is the Gnome password input dialog. This is already marked as deprecated in the Gnome API, since it is about to be moved to GTK. In case it does not happen soon, we need to replace it with our own implementation if XFCE adopts it.

Data preservation and migration

Since until dapper we do not have any user policy settings, no data needs to be migrated.


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