gnome-mount is a relatively new addition to the Utopia stack. It provides users with a nice GUI to configure mount options, consistently handle encrypted devices, and so on. Thus it replaces the clumsy HAL fdi policies for mount options and can also replace the hideous pmount hacks in g-v-m and pmount with something that actually works smoothly.


gnome-mount and the hal mount backend are used by upstream by default now, they did not accept our pmount-centric solution. Thus Gnome has no support for mount policies and only little support for encrypted devices in Dapper.

Use cases


The changes in this specification affect the handling of removable devices in Gnome.




Right now, the hal mount backend (which runs as root) queries hald (which runs as user haldaemon) for attributes and decides whether or not to allow mounting. This does not fit into the agreed-upon trust model of hal, that's why we disabled this backend in dapper. The backend needs to be changed to do all policy checks on its own; the current pmount code will be used as a model for policy checks, and preferably we will also borrow code from it.

Upstream would welcome a rewrite, he just lacks time to do it.

gnome-vfs2, gnome-volume-manager

Remove our current patches to use pmount, remove luks patch from g-v-m. Upstream already defaults to using gnome-mount.

Data preservation and migration

Since until dapper we do not have any user policy settings, no data needs to be migrated.



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