The DesktopTeam is looking for a solution to the problems we're facing with the current gnome-system-tools.


The DesktopTeam feels this step is necessary, because

Use cases

My mother tries to change her password through the users-admin. After confirming the dialog and rebooting the box she can't login any more.

Michael wants to package a new upstream release. He spends seven hours on merging our existing patches.

Tollef is called for assistance on a weird amd64 bug. Although being an expert, it takes him six hours to find the cause in a self-written crypt() function.

Susan needs to configure some accessibility tools but is confused by they way they are spread over many locations (Apllications menu, System AT config, Keyboard settings).


The gnome-system-tools package


For edgy we will switch to the new gnome-system-tools upstream framework, pick the tools we really want to ship and make them suitable.

We will ship those tools with edgy:

Those tools need to be ported to the new framework and will be considered next cycle:

We will likely use nautilus-share instead of shares-admin

Starting to work with 'guidance' (KDE) people on common code would be nice but that's not for edgy and will probably be discussed with an another spec.


We could bounty Carlos Garnacho (upstream) to do those changes, he's not working at the moment and would be happy to have a bounty to work on the changes we want to do

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


UbuntuDemon : There is a really interesting thread in the Edgy Development section at the forums going on. It's about a Control Center. There's already an implementation.

Ubuntu Control Center

LukaRenko: I would like to point out that knetworkconf (kdeadmin source package) also has own (older) copy of gnome-system-tools perl backend and that KDE's network configuration module is also not perfect in this regard. Simple kde-guidance module in python would be much better.

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