The main goal for this specification is the migration tool, other aspects may or may not be implemented

Colinux integration (see PortableUbuntu) will not be pursued. The Ubuntu kernel team looked over the patches and noted two critical issues:

As the kernel team bear responsibility for any kernel shipped as part of Ubuntu, be it in Wubi or any other variant, the decision and the work needed to maintain a separate kernel tree rests on them. This work would potentially require full time developers, and the audience is not large enough to warrant that allocation of resource.

Release Note for Wubi Migration

The Live CD and USB image will now detect an existing Wubi installation and provide the option to migrate the existing installation to a dedicated partition.

Rationale for Wubi Migration

An installation within a dedicated partition is more robust (particularly in case of hard reboots) and provides faster I/O performance. This is the desired way to install Ubuntu. Many Windows users try Wubi in order to decide whether they like the new operating system, since that installation path is non-invasive and can be uninstalled easily. If those users decide to stick with Ubuntu, they should be able to migrate their current installation to a dedicated partition without having to reinstall everything from scratch. A system installed via Wubi and later migrated should be identical to a system installed directly from CD/USB key.

User stories for Wubi Migration

Caroline has tried Ubuntu using Wubi, she made several customizations and has installed many applications, she decides that she wants to use Ubuntu in the long term but she does not want to reinstall everything.

Implementation of Wubi Migration

Rely on existing Ubuntu CD or USB stick.

Macbook Port

Given the other projects, implementation is unlikely in this cycle without contributions.

Wubi Enhancement

Code Changes

Create a new Ubiquity branch registered with CIA

UI Changes

Test/Demo Plan

Building Community

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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