The Distribution Channel Descriptor (DCD) is a text file containing a string that represents the delivery method of Ubuntu (download, ShipIt, specific OEM deployment). Each unique deployment channel for Ubuntu has a unique value. For example, an OEM would include one string on all 15" laptops of a certain model. A 12" laptop model would ship with another string. All 9.04 installations created using a LiveCD share another string. The file can be used to improve support and to integrate with online services.

Release Note

The Distribution Channel Descriptor file contains a string that identifies the manner in which Ubuntu was installed, or (for systems purchased with Ubuntu preinstalled) the hardware platform in use. The string is used to improve support and to integrate with online services. The string contains no personally identifiable information.


The DCD can be used to improve support, to integrate with online services, or to better measure the spread of Ubuntu through the ShipIt program.

Use Cases


An OEM partner ships Ubuntu on a laptop; a bug in a custom driver results in a number of crashes on the platform. A user calls for support; Canonical support asks for the DCD to verify that the user has a specific hardware device with a factory installation of Ubuntu. Canonical support knows that the default installation of Ubuntu on that platform suffers from the driver bug, and suggests the user install an update.


Popcon is modified to read the DCD, for tracking the popularity of ShipIt installations. The Ubuntu community learns from this information learns that each ShipIt CD sent out is used to create an average of 12 new Ubuntu installations.

This is not a requirement for the specification to be considered complete as ShipIt is not controlled by the FoundationsTeam.

Online Services

A partner has an arrangement that provides access to an online service for users of a particular hardware platform that ships with Ubuntu. The tracking ID is used to identify the hardware platform to the online service. As this is not specific to just OEMs, the old /var/log/installer/oem-id will be dropped.



# This is the distribution channel descriptor for the 9.04 ShipIt CDs
# For more information see


LiveCD Installer

OEM Installers


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