OEM Services have identified a number of areas where oem-config can be further improved.

Release Note

The program that performs end-user configuration after initial OEM installation, oem-config, has seen a number of improvements this release.


It is in our interest to ensure that oem-config continues to develop at pace with OEM needs.

User stories



Copy network keys

We'll save the user from having to re-enter their network passphrases by copying the keyring over to the installed system by default. This needs to be preseedable, so OEMs can avoid giving end users the keys to their networks.

Finish integrating geoip support

Geoclue was investigated as a possible solution; however, it is currently broken.

Work has already been done to integrate our existing geoip service into the installer, and IS has indicated that they can get the deployment finished in Lucid so that we can finish this task for Lucid. See RT #33677 for further details.

Automatically remove unneeded language packs

OEMs often install all available language packs with a desire to remove them after oem-config.

We will reuse remove_extras in scripts/ to remove these unnecessary language packs.

See UbuntuBug:315644 for more details.

Convert the remaining pages to plugins

A number of pages still have most of their UI code in frontends/* We will work to further clean up the code base by converting the remaining pages to plugins.

Test/Demo Plan

Each item will be tested to ensure the installation succeeds when the feature is and is not used. The normal install test cases will cover testing beyond this.

BoF agenda and discussion

OEM Config Improvements Suggested by OEMs or OEM Services Engineers

What Got Done Last Cycle

What Did Not Get Done Last Cycle


Upstream has actually done the work of translating the keyboard layout names


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