Ubuntu Live 2008

Ubuntu Live 2008: Take Ubuntu Further

The second Ubuntu Live conference will take place July 21-22 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Ubuntu Live is a vibrant and important gathering of IT professionals, government and business leaders, educators, community leaders, enterprise and business users. The conference brings together the people who deploy and manage Ubuntu in organizations, companies offering services and solutions based on Ubuntu, customers of those services, users of Ubuntu, and the folks who build Ubuntu and other key open source software.

The two day event will allow participants to share their Ubuntu experiences, learn from each other, and catch up with the latest developments from Ubuntu, our partners, and the free software and open source ecosystem. Ubuntu Live is the meeting place for enterprise users and community developers to come together to exchange ideas and discuss projects face to face.

Last summer's first edition was a real success, pulling in a much more technical crowd than we had anticipated. Based on the response to our post-conference survey, the 2008 edition of Ubuntu Live will provide longer sessions, and a track dedicated to technical enthusiasts and developers. In particular, we'll cover topics such as our innovative Launchpad web based open source project management tools and Bazaar revision control system, among other subjects.

Co-presented by O'Reilly Media and Canonical, Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Live is conveniently co-located with the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) event, thus making Portland, Oregon the place to be during the week of July 21.

Registration for Ubuntu Live will open in Early April. Sign up for the Ubuntu Live newsletter to stay updated as plans for the conference progress.

Team Contact: pak33m and DanTrevino

This event will give us as Ubuntu LoCo team members to get together for two or more days to learn and share more about what we are trying to advocate. Last year there were only two of us that attended: me pak33m and NeoTaoistTechnoPagan. Hopefully a good amount of the FloridaTeam will make a showing and prove what community work is all about as well.

Sign your name if you plan on attending and/or are considering it.



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This page will serve to provide info current and future Ubuntu Live sessions.

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