Exaile Search as you type functionality specifications



While playing a song from the playlist and focus is on the tree view (list of songs) if the user starts typing it starts performing a search on the characters entered. The search just finds the first song that matches and highlights it. Songs are matched if their title begins with the characters entered. This is different from the search option already present because it only finds the first one, it does not remove songs from the playlist view, searches only on the title, and does not require focus in the Search box to being typing.

Release Note

If this is implemented the tree view will search as the user types characters if the tree view is focused. This is remove the functionality to press Delete to remove a song and to press Q to put a song in a queue.


It is a pain to have to move my mouse to the search box and type something in, find the song I want, click play, and then clear the search results so it goes back to playing the whole playlist. With this functionality the user will be able to quickly find a song without going through the hassle of performing a search.

Use Cases

Anthony wants to find a song with a title 'Built for Speed' in his playlist, so he highlights the current playlist in the tree view and types the title. The program searches for the song based on title and highlights it. This allows Anthony to press Enter to begin playing a song.


User wants to search on title (this could be expanded to have a preference option), the user wants to get rid of the Delete and Queue functionality mentioned in the release notes (this could also be changed to something if the users presses Delete as the first character then actually Delete the song, and have Ctrl+Q be add to the Queue)


Popups a floating text box that shows what you have entered and follows the selected song.


UI Changes

Making a popup that floats and moves to the selected song


Code Changes

Change the key released function in the playlist to handle creating the dialog and issuing the search for the search as you type. Changes in the search function to allow more flexibility with searching and increasing the performance of the search (so we can search on title, and return only 1 result) Optionally add in a preference for what we search on


Test/Demo Plan

Try it out - more to come later maybe

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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