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Some error and warning messages existent within Ubuntu are currently confusing to new Ubuntu / Linux users. These could be simplified.


Ubuntu is smooth operating system which well accommodates new users for the most part, however several error and warning messages still exist which are meaningless and/or confusing to new users. The lack of simply messages describing problems could cause some users to discontinue use of Ubuntu or to not recommend it to new users.

Use cases


This specification covers only the simplification of error and warning messages thrown from the operating system and those applications including in a standard desktop install. Only GUI error and warning messages need be simplified, and thus the simplification of command-line error and warning messages are not within the scope of this specification.


Please follow the template below when adding a new error or warning message to this design section.

Error/Warning Message Summary


The implementation of this specification would involve primarily string changes, to change the text of the messages users receive in the messages described above. In some instances it may be recommended that the structure of certain error/warning message dialogs could be altered to provide a more user friendly experience. For example technical jargon/error details could be hidden in a 'Details' section, much like the dialog a user receives whilst installing software.


None yet.

Data preservation and migration

The scope of this specification does not affect user data. The technical message data lost with the simplification of the messages could, if required, be hidden in a 'Details' section as described in the Implementation section above.

Unresolved issues

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