This spec is intended to track whether or not it is worth changing the default Ubuntu browser from Firefox to Epiphany and, if yes, what must be improved and/or changed in Epiphany.


As we ship GNOME, it seems logical, in order to have a more consistent environment, to ship GNOME browser, namely Epiphany.

Having the default GNOME browser would simplify a lot of things in the long run : security, support, translation, desktop integration, artwork. Also, Epiphany is more or less independant of the backend engine. If, in a not so distant future, anyone release another html engine, Epiphany could be ported in order to use it. The use of the name and logo for "Epiphany" is somewhat less complicated than it is for Firefox.

Given that now Epiphany can be compiled against XUL-runner (see ) and that Edgy is all about taking some risks, it's *the* release to test Epiphany as the default browser. If it's a disaster, we could always back to firefox on Edgy+1

Use cases


This spec is only for Ubuntu and all Gnome Ubuntu derivatives.




Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

A lot of discussions is available here :

* CelsoPinto: Choosing Epiphany as the default browser is a good thing because Epiphany supports ZeroConf bookmarks and Ubuntu is moving towards ZeroConf everywhere.


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