Currently home encryption turns on swap encryption. However, since a random boot password is used, it is not possible to resume from hibernation. Normal boot should not require any user input. Resume from hibernation should require any recently logged-in user to type in their password.

Release Note

After turning on encrypted swap with hibernation support, the user will have to enter their login password to resume from hibernation.


Hibernation should work.

User stories

Jane chooses encrypted home directory as an install option. After computer is installed, Jane logs in, then hibernates the computer. Jane resumes the computer at a later time, and enters her own login password when prompted by the resume process.

Jane changes her password. When she hibernates/resumes she enters the new password, not her original.

Jane reboots the computer. No input is required for booting.


Only one swap device is configured.


On install, swap is set up with LUKS encryption. The swap device is /dev/mapper/cryptswap1.

On boot:

On shutdown:

On local login:

On change password:


UI Changes

Change initramfs config to handle asking user for swap password when needed.

Code Changes

New pam module to handle local login and password change.


Write script to migrate to this setup from:

Test/Demo Plan

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Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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