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We would like to provide Ubuntu users with a standard and well integrated media center solution much in the same way Apple Mac OS/X and Windows Media Center edition do. The plan would be to improve the Elisa Media Center to make it blend nicely in the desktop by any possible mean (visual integration, interoperability with other desktop applications, etc.).


A lot of Ubuntu users are asking for an all in one, simple to use and beautiful frontend to their media collection: hundreds of post in the Ubuntu forums include "media center" in their title, mailing lists are full of questions on which one to use and how to set up such a piece of software. Providing with a default and long term solution would answer that need. It will also allow Ubuntu to compete with Mac OS/X and Windows on a field a lot of casual users are interested in.

Use Cases

Photo watching evening

Alice receives friends at home for an evening. She wants to show them her photos from her recent trip to Egypt. She connects her laptop to her living room TV, fires up Elisa and plugs in her camera. She can select where to start her story and play a slideshow from a remote in a couple of seconds.

Party mode

Tom is throwing a party and wants to prepare playlists using music and music videos from his laptop, his iPod and some YouTube-like websites. He launches Elisa to aggregate and organise all that content and then let it play for the rest of the night leaving him with more time to enjoy the company of his friends. Nevertheless, he's able to quickly choose a specific song as the next one or, even, select five or six songs which will be played in a given order after this one, returning to the original mode after that. All of that with a nice crossfade transition.

Film fan

Bob has a computer dedicated to his passion: films. Every night he watches a couple of them on his home theater equipment from the thousands he possesses in various formats.


For now this is a rough list of ideas towards making Elisa feel integrated with the Ubuntu desktop:


Outstanding Issues

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BoF agenda and discussion

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