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Edubuntu's server addon CD currently drops the user into gnome-app-install with a list of apps on the CD, we need to allow easier installation of default applications sets and perhaps theming.


Edubuntu is a targeted distribution for educational environments. However, educational environments can be quite varied and developing the ability to adapt Edubuntu to a variety of educational situations is an important step in widespread adoption. For Edubuntu 7.04 a Server Addon CD was added to provide more educational software and allow to add back in software from the Ubuntu seeds removed in previous Edubuntu versions. However, this added greater complexity in installation.

Use Cases


During the 7.04 development cycle gnome-app-install was extended to allow for addon CDs. Now what is needed are several sets of metapackages to define software sets and with .desktop files that can be used by gnome-app-install. The sidebar menu (on the left) in gnome-app-install needs to more clearly categorize the contents of the Addon CD by subject and age appropriateness.


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