The EdubuntuSoftwareSurvey aims to provide an on-line survey for teachers, parents and students to help determine the educational software needs for Edubuntu. In addition, the Edubuntu Software Survey seeks to grow Edubuntu usage by periodically reporting results to participants and content developers..


Educators and parents evaluating Edubuntu for their students and children will demand a comprehensive selection of high-quality educational software. The current selection of software in Edubuntu does not satisfy this need.

Developing a K-12 software library in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for Edubuntu is a monumental undertaking. This project proposes to begin that development effort by asking teachers, parents and students where we should concentrate first.

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Survey Design

Many people are considering the idea of switching to Linux in their schools based on cost savings, but find key applications not available on Linux. The Edubuntu community and the volunteers who create software need to hear about your needs.

That's where we come in. The Edubuntu Study Content Team is committed to help:

If you have any critical, subject-area specific, applications that you MUST be able to use on Linux for educational purposes, please take a minute to let us know what they are. We'll monitor the submissions to see what the most popular requests are, and do what we can to lead developments in that direction. Together, your voices will count for more than they would separately.

Thank you for helping us grow the Educational Linux marketplace!

1. In which region of the world do you reside?

2. In what country do you reside?

3. What was the year you were born?

4. How would you classify yourself?

5. Which level of educational software would be most beneficial to you or your students?

6. When more educational software becomes available, which subject would be most beneficial to you or your students?

7. What type of educational software would you find most useful?

8. Please describe a educational software program that you would like to have available for your use.


A sample survey is available at...

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