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Edubuntu is often used in situations with large numbers of systems and users; we will provide tools to maintain these large networks.

Release Note


Maintaining 10.000 thin clients, 17.000 desktops/laptops, and 80.000 users dispersed over 10.000 square kilometers is very difficult with the tools currently provided in Edubuntu.

Use Cases



We will choose existing tools and polish them for hardy if possible.


Mass machine maintenance

The server team will discuss the actual tool that will be provided and edubuntu will follow their decision if large scale deployments can actually be handled by their suggested tool. During discussion user feedback of edubuntu users was collected and several tools were discussed. In the case that the server team cannot come up with a proper solution a selection of tools was reviewed as seen below. In this case tendency goes towards inclusion puppet on the edubuntu CD. Upstream is keen to work close with us and to try to have a 1.0 version by feature freeze of 8.04.

Mass user maintenance

The server team plans to provide an LDAP based user authentication mechanism, edubuntu will use this implementation. In schools and municipalities user lists are often maintained in spreadsheet tables or office documents. For imports and exports of such existig user data the migrationtools package will be put on the edubuntu CD, it provides all needed scripts and tools to import and export user lists into or out of LDAP servers.

As UI for the user authentication server ebox was suggested by the server team, it will be maintained and deployed as the default webbased UI for server administration in the ubuntu-server installs, edubuntu will follow their suggestion. Ebox is capable of running the LDAP plugin it offers as a standalone service to run locally on the LDAP server so LDAP administration is easily accessible through a web GUI. During hardy development a call to the edubuntu community will be made to test and give feedback about the feature set and usability of this very setup. Missing features will be filed as whishlist bugs.

UI Changes

Code Changes


There is no existing tool to do mass maintenance; no migration to hardy will be necessary.

Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


See also server team discussion: opensource-management-tools gobby file and

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