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K12LTSP ships with several handy scripts that the system admin can run at her discretion to do things like automagically configure dhcpd, automagically configure vncts, ensure that buggy programs don't leave processes hanging around after users log out, allow users to reset broken desktop configurations, etc. We will ensure that we're aware of what all these features are and that Edubuntu supports the ones we want. (Most of these are supported in other ways already, and only documentation will be required; a title such as "Edubuntu for K12LTSP Admins" comes to mind.)

This spec deprecates


A small handful of these scripts provide features that we may wish to include in Edubuntu and we should make sure moving from K12LTSP to Edubuntu causes no regression in administrative features.

Use cases


This is an informational spec; most of these features are already supported and we just need to figure out how and (probably) provide some documentation.



Hacks for the real world: These will be provided in /usr/share/doc/edubuntu-server/examples, but unsupported


Documentation to create:


Data preservation and migration

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