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We will make it easier to install Moodle in Edubuntu as part of a content server solution for educators. We will reduce the number of installation questions via preseeding; if Recommends are still not supported for hardy we will create a moodle-standalone metapackage to provide a single package install that results in a working Moodle with configured database.

Release Note

The edubuntu-content-server package handles all the heavy lifting to create a server for many kinds of educational content; e.g., interactive course materials and assignments, collaborative documents, and locally cached wikipedia articles can live right here on your very own server.


The existing moodle package still has some rough edges, and there must be a straightforward way to install Moodle with its and the choice offerings in other content server areas on an Edubuntu system.

Use Cases



Code Changes

Test/Demo Plan

Install an ubuntu LAMP server. Install the edubuntu-content-server package on top. Browse to http://localhost/moodle/ and run the php configuration part to finish the installation. Check moodle runs correctly after this procedure.

BoF agenda and discussion

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