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21 July 2010, 19:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting. 4 August 2010, 19:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.
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  * Website Urgh (highvoltage)   * Teacher engadgement

Where we meet

The Edubuntu team meets on IRC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel.
For more information on IRC and how to join this IRC channel, please refer to the Edubuntu contact page.

Agenda Next Meeting

4 August 2010, 19:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

  • Technical
    • Technical updates (stgraber / highvoltage)
  • Community
    • Teacher engadgement
  • Other stuff?

Membership Candidates

The Edubuntu council will review membership candidates at every first meeting in a month, please add yourself below and attend the next meeting. Note that the same rules as in Ubuntu apply. The Edubuntu Council will vote at the next meeting and if you are granted Edubuntu membership, you'll be added to the edubuntu-members team on Launchpad.

  • Add name here


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