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  * Artwork

Where we meet

The Edubuntu team meets on IRC in the #ubuntu-meeting channel.
For more information on IRC and how to join this IRC channel, please refer to the Edubuntu contact page.

Agenda Next Meeting

27 January 2009, 19:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting

  • Technical updates (FeatureFreeze is early February)

    • Lucid netbook
    • LTSP Fat Client support
    • Daily image build
    • Edubuntu Menu editor
    • Website / Wiki
    • Artwork
  • Documentation day
  • Other businesses ?

Membership Candidates

The Edubuntu council will review membership candidates at every first meeting in a month, please add yourself below and subscribe to https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members. Note that the same rules as in Ubuntu apply.

  • Add name here


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