EC Members 2011/2012

A quorum shall consist of 3 EC members.

EC Charter

The Edubuntu Council will:

Role of Edubuntu Council


Edubuntu meetings take place every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC. When there are issues requiring the attention of the council it is also made an Edubuntu Council meeting. Please refer to our Meetings Page for more information.


The Edubuntu Council shall send a report to the Community Council after any EC meeting introducing new members and summarizing any other decisions and actions that have been taken.


For Edubuntu Council elections, the Edubuntu Council will announce it publicly trough the Edubuntu mailing lists and the Fridge. Ubuntu members will be able to make nominations by contacting the Edubuntu council. The Edubuntu Council will then forward the list of nominees to the Community Council. The Community Council will set up a vote for Edubuntu Members on Launchpad and announce the results of the election. In the case where the new Edubuntu Council member is not an Edubuntu Member, they will receive Edubuntu Membership concurrently.


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