This is a high-level overview of the work to be done for the toolchain in the release after Edgy.

We will:


The toolchain needs to be ready as of the openning of the release. Because of this, toolchain changes are sketched out at the beginning of the release, finalised near feature freeze, and uploaded to the archive because merges, syncs and uploads start.


The next release of Ubuntu.


Features in the newer versions

Glibc 2.5

* For Linux, the sorting of addresses returned by getaddrinfo now also

* Allow system admin to configure getaddrinfo with the /etc/gai.conf file.

* New Linux interfaces: splice, tee, sync_file_range, vmsplice.

* New iconv module for MIK. Contributed by Alexander Shopov.

* For sites with broken group and/or passwd database, the auto-propagate

* Iterating over entire database in NIS can be slow. With the

* The interfaces introduced in RFC 3542 have been implemented by

* Support for the new ELF hash table format was added by Ulrich Drepper.

* Support for priority inheritance mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek and

* Support for priority protected mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek.

Outstanding issues


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