Currently, installing EasyUbuntu is very confusing for the user. Users don't know how to open a terminal. Users also want a menu icon.


EasyUbuntu needs to have a package, so that anyone can download it and install EasyUbuntu in a few clicks,and also be able to launch EasyUbuntu from a icon.

Use cases

* Jim doesn't want to open a terminal just to install EasyUbuntu. He uses the GUI all the time.
* Joe wants to have multiple people administrate a computer and also run EasyUbuntu.



There will be one package containing everything. There will be two programs installed in /usr/bin: * /usr/bin/easyubuntu-gnome - For running EasyUbuntu in GNOME
* /usr/bin/easyubuntu-kde - For running EasyUbuntu in KDE
There will be two menu .desktop files for GNOME and KDE that shows only in GNOME and KDE respectively, and runs the right program.



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Unresolved issues

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